Baby Got Drums


Supporting your children’€™s desire for drum lessons? Good. Someone else listening to, teaching about and storing the drums? Better. Being allowed to participate as a family in a no-holds-barred drumming session? The best.
Bavia Arts Studio, located in the St. Clair West village, is the best, with drumming classes offered for ages 18 months to 7 years old. Brazilian drumming lessons allow kids to be ‘€˜obnoxiously’€™ loud, while learning rhythm and songs on a range of drums, shakers and bells, with everyone participating to the max. There are benefits beyond the musical appreciation too, including stress release and improved coordination. Spring classes start April 2 and a nine-week pass is $125.

Drop-in Family Drumming on Sundays blows video games out of the water, and the programs for school groups and corporate workshops prove that there’€™s an inner Taylor Hawkins in each of us.

Let’€™s go bang on the drum all day.

And if drums aren’t your child’s thing, try signing them up for one of these 8 Cool Classes to Sign Up For in Toronto.

Tested by Janice Q., Toronto


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