Green Your Grass


We Canadians just love the perfectly manicured, green lawn. We can’t help it. Blame the long winters or the neighbours who never stop watering and trimming. Whatever the reason, our small territorial claim needs to look good (especially compared to the Jones’). But be careful—our attempts to improve our own environment could damage the one at large.
Did you know that running a lawn mower for one hour emits as much pollution as driving a car 500 kilometres? Well, the founders of Ecocut do and they are working hard at doing something about it.

Canada’s largest gasoline-free lawn care company, ecocut, uses battery operated mowers (electric mulching mowers, to be exact, which are recharged using emissions-free Bullfrog Power), organic fertilizers, compost, and corn gluten to care for your lawn. And these guys don’t just talk the talk. They are a green example to us all as they pull up in their smart cars and natural gas converted van. Some machinery like aerators and dethatchers are too large to power by battery but ecocut uses a cleaner alternative fuel, which creates 50% less CO2 emissions.


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