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A proud new mom walks into a barber shop with her toddler for the first hair cut and thinks: “I am so proud of my beautiful baby, and I can’t wait to take a picture of this important milestone”.
Baby looks around and thinks: “There is no way I am going to let that giant with a sharp object pointed at my head get away with this. I’ll have to pull a major squirm-and-shout job. I’m outta here in five.”

Leave it to another mom to solve the age old dilemma of making sure our kids get a decent haircut with little pain for all parties involved. It’s called Haircuts on Wheels and it’s the brainchild of Kimberly Irwin, mom of three kids under the age of seven. Kimberly has been cutting kids’ hair for friends and family on and off for the last 10 years and finally decided to turn it into a small business by bringing her skills to kids’ homes—the place they are most comfortable (even if facing someone wielding a sharp object).


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