Your New Right Hand


The sandwich generation: it’s not really a great name especially in light of the low carb trend these days. But apparently we are it, “sandwiched” between our kids and our parents like salami and cheese, trying to keep everyone happy and healthy, caring for both markets. It’s tiring, and you’re running a household too (so you barely have time to make your own sandwich).
This is not news to Yvonne Bradshaw of Kiddie Concierge Ltd., who helps out time-strapped families with a full range of services. Basically, she is what every busy man and woman wishes they had—a personal assistant; someone who can cook, run all the errands, do all the shopping and remind you of the important dates that you keep forgetting. She can research and register the kids for programs and set a schedule up for the household. And if you’re feeling sandwiched, you’ll be relieved to know Kiddie Concierge provides the same services to care for your aging parents.


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