Travelling Daze


I am just back from a lovely family beach vacation and suffering from a little VRD (that’s Vacation Re-entry Disorder). That syndrome, and the fact that we’ve been home for 48 hours and there are still suitcases full of dirty clothes on my living room floor, sometimes makes me wonder if it’s worth packing everyone (and everything) up and getting away. But when I think about how happy my kids were last week playing on the beach, splashing in the pool and our other great memories, I know it was worthwhile…and eventually those bags will get unpacked.
A wise woman I know once told me that family vacations are not so much about what the kids will remember, but about what you will remember: happy memories of their smiling, sun-kissed faces, the first time they ate papaya and the piles of little coconuts and shells they accumulated over the course of the week…these will stay with me for a long time.

On a more practical note, if you’re planning a family trip this month over the holidays, whether by car or plane, make sure you check out our various travel tips. One of my favourite ways to start a long day of travelling off right (when it’s necessary to get the kids up and out before daybreak) is to have them make a necklace of Froot Loops or Cheerios on a string the day before. We let them wear it to the airport as it’s an easy way to get some breakfast into them. Once we get to the gate, I bring out a few more healthy options like cut fruit, strong cheese and whole wheat crackers to supplement their cereal.

What are some of your favourite travel tips?


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