Serious Soups in Surrey

SavvyMom February 28, 2017

There’s enough on your plate these days. The good news is that making sure your family is eating a healthy meal just got easier.

Serious Soups is a Surrey company selling healthy soups that are big on the yum factor and easy on the wallet. And the piece de resistance is they offer free delivery on Thursdays and Fridays if your order meets minimum requirements.

When school finally does reconvene, Serious Soups offers a hot lunch program that’s worth dipping your spoon into. Locally made with fresh ingredients and no MSG, everyone wins when their school offers healthy lunchtime alternatives, and funds raised go to your PAC. Soups arrive frozen in 4 litre bags, so call in volunteers to heat and serve the soup at lunch hour.

With over 28 soups and sauces to choose from, we know you’ll find a few that will tickle your tummy. You’ll find a selection of these beauties for sale at Meinhardt and Meridian Markets, so check them out.

Need a side for your soup? We’ve got 6 more Local Food Sources in Vancouver to enjoy.



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