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Savvy Guide to May in Vancouver - SavvyMom

May is our month. Own it. Because sometimes one day just doesn’t do it (although we’re not suggesting to give it back, either). After a long cold winter followed by the pain and rains of April (and all the muck that goes with it), we feel it’s our turn. So with that said, here are a few suggestions on how to focus on you this month in our Savvy Guide to May in Vancouver.

The Savvy Guide to May in Vancouver


Plan a lovely Mother’s Day for yourself. Why? Because who else will? You’re the only one who knows what you really want so start dropping hints. Now. Here’s a handy list of Mother’s Day things moms actually want. Forward to whoever will be doing the planning and the shopping. Make your Mother’s Day the best ever. Tell your family what you would like for a gift and decide how you want to spend the day. Don’t feel guilty about asking and/or telling. Decide on what you would like, then drop hints, leave lists, send emails, and make back up reservations. Your family wants to make you happy, so help them. Don’t miss our Best Best for Mother’s Day in Vancouver, either.


It’s time to get out and about! Get out and enjoy the warmer weather at attractions and events in May for Vancouver families. Even if you’re still taking baby steps in enjoying outings and events, May has so much more to offer and fun things to do with kids.


Mother May I? Why? Let’s keep to the Mother’s Day theme—and hope our kids will adopt the phrase at the very least. Mother, may I? It might just stick.


A kite. Then get outside and fly it. Why? Because there’s nothing better than the look of wonder in the kids’ eyes when they see a kite soaring through the sky (and everyone can learn a little about thermal dynamics too.)


By growing a little of your own food at home. Why? Because whether you’ve got a patio or a big backyard, you can help the earth by cutting down on the resources it takes to ship those salad fixings to your local grocery store. Start small with some cherry tomatoes and lettuces that are satisfying and simple to grow in almost any space. Add some fragrant basil to the mix and you’ll have almost everything you need for a homemade pasta sauce. Bonus: Kids love to get their hands dirty and the pride of growing something may just encourage them to eat their veggies. Here are some easy things to plant with kids.


While we’re itching to get outside when the weather cooperates, of course we still look forward to family movie nights and new seasons of our (and their!) favourite shows. Here’s a round up of what’s on for kids and families streaming in Canada in May.


Get a pedicure. Why? The first pedicure of the season is the only one that’s really essential. If you make the time to pamper your tootsies early on, you’ll be ready sport your favourite sandals as soon as the sun comes out. And if you get to catch up on a juicy novel at the same time, all the better. If you can’t get out to a salon to indulge, our sister site 29Secretshas some tips on how to get the perfect pedi at home.


GasBuddy Why? Raising kids and balancing a budget always go hand-in-hand, especially if you want to splurge on a little treat for yourself this Mother’s Day. And gas prices are out of control. The GasBuddy app is available on all platforms, so finding deals on gas is easy no matter what phone you have. Using location services or a postal code, GasBuddy will generate a list of current gas prices in your area. You’ll never overpay for gas again.


Long weekend plans. Why? It’s been a while! And if you can’t get away, you can still make low-key long weekend plans. And if you’re lucky enough to score a cottage invitation, here are some great ideas for thoughtful thank you gifts for the cottage.


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