More for Less


September can be the cruelest month for a parent’s pocket book, rivalling only December for money going out. So it makes sense that some excellent consignment stores for kids and moms in and around Greater Victoria are becoming the first stop on a savvy mom’s shopping list.
Most kids outgrow rather than outwear their clothes, so why not pass the clothes on to someone else and get some money back from your original investment? Here are four of our favourite consignment clothing boutiques across the city. All carry new and used items that are clean and in good condition and usually sell for a fraction of the original price.

A to Z Kids is the only consignment store in the West Shore area—they have items for babies, maternity clothes and clothes for kids up to 14 years old. Good to know: They’re also one of the few stores in the city to sell Phil and Ted’s strollers.


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