What Would You Do? Buying Birthday Presents for Twins


Last week in our Monday morning editorial meeting, Leslie, our sales and production coordinator, asked the group their opinion on the following matter: her twin girls are celebrating their birthday with a joint party next month and she is wondering how to deal with birthday presents for them. Should she ‘assign’ the party guests each a girl to buy for, so nobody feels obligated to purchase two presents, or should she not worry about it and leave it up to the individuals as to how they approach the gift giving?

My take on it is this: If she had children with different birthdays, party goers would happily purchase a gift for each girl when their time came, so I don’€™t think there is any reason for her to feel badly that guests will possibly need to arrive with two presents in hand. Having said that, I think she could include a small note in the invitation stating that joint gifts’€”like board games, movies and outside toys’€”are welcome. This way, there is no pressure to bring individual gifts if that doesn’€™t work for a family.

Now I’€™m wondering, what would you do? If you’€™ve planned a party for twins, how did you approach the present issue? Have you been to a joint party for siblings? If so, did you purchase one gift or two?


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