What He Really Wants

It takes the cunning of a spy or detective to uncover the mystery of what Dad really wants for Father’s Day.
So we set out on an undercover investigation to discover the truth and we’ve got some clues for you (hint: it’s a bold and capital idea). Following the traditional trail, our sleuth discovered some gifts that are sure to be appreciated:

  • Now’s a good time to be looking after money so let Dad stash his cash in a stylish fused glass money clip from Made You Look Jewellery, Toronto’s cooperative hand-crafted jewelry market.
  • On a picnic or after hiking a few thousand vertical feet, Dad might want a nice glass of wine to celebrate and what better way to bring it along that in the Klean Kanteen Wine Karafe®. It’s lightweight, shatterproof and toxin-free so Dad can arrive at his destination with a glass of vino in style. (Amazon.ca)


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