It’s All About the People


When Minnow and I set out to launch SavvyMom Media and bring our vision of the SavvyMom newsletter to life, we worked hard on documenting a business plan complete with SWOT analysis, pro formas and everything else you should have. But there was one thing we didn’t include in the plan—and that was a human resources plan. Not because we didn’t think something like that was important, but because we naively thought we would be able to do everything ourselves at SavvyMom Media so there was no need for hiring, firing, compensating, incenting and all that good HR stuff.
But as we grew and more opportunities presented themselves to us, we realized we couldn’t do it alone. We found some great people to join our team, who make valuable contributions every day to what we are doing here at SavvyMom. Not by design (but not surprising), we have a team of seven moms that fill the various positions that we added along the way along with a host of writers and other associated consultants too.

Understanding that our moms work hard to get their job done and get it done well, we’ve evolved to a place where everyone has been able to establish a somewhat flexible work arrangement that allows them to meet their family needs and our business needs. And recently we were thrilled to be recognized on the Progressive Employers of Canada list, along with some other well-known names like Telus, RBC and Kraft.

The purpose of the list is to encourage organizations to consider the value they offer employees in innovative ways and ultimately to encourage organizations to offer more supportive workplaces for women. Read more about what we’re doing to be a progressive employer. What about your employer? We’d love to hear your story.

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