You Can Do It


A package of wipes, extra pair of socks, fruit leather and a small toy for distraction. This is what we call a “Mom Stash” and it can often be found in the bottom of a mom-handbag in case of emergencies.
But how many of us are actually prepared for the REAL emergencies like power failures as a result of a bad storm?

According to our friends at Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada, not that many. In fact, only one in four Canadians (25%)* say that they or their family has gathered emergency supplies to prepare for the possibility of catastrophic disaster. Emergencies can happen anywhere, anytime and they strike without warning. What is consistent about emergencies though, is their consequences. By knowing what to expect, we can prepare for emergencies properly and relax knowing that our families will be safe, warm and fed. That way, we can leave the emergency workers to fixing the problem at hand.

Here are some of the tips for savvy moms who like to be prepared.


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