Winter Wonderland Cake

Winter Wonderland Cake

A simple cake becomes a thing of snowy beauty with this birthday cake recipe.

You’ll Need

  • 2 – 8-inch round cakes, any flavour
  • 4 cups vanilla frosting
  • 1 candy cane
  • 1 striped lollipop
  • Edible snowflakes
  • Coarse sugar
  • 1 red gumball
  • 4 oz white chocolate
  • Edible markers or melted chocolate
  • 1 disposable piping bag
  • 1 #22 star tip
  • 1 large round tip

Prep and Cook

  • Bake cakes as per recipe or package directions.
  • Measure out 1 cup frosting, and set aside for later use.
  • Place one cake on a cake board and cover with ½ cup frosting. Top with the second cake and frost the outside (top and sides) with the remaining frosting.
  • Fill the piping bag with the frosting you set aside. Attach a #22 star tip and pipe a border around the bottom of the cake, covering the space where the edge of the cake meets the cake board. Remove the star tip and attach the round one. Pipe large dollops in the centre of the cake, to look like small snow banks.
  • Melt the white chocolate. Break the curved end off the candy cane and dip that end into the melted chocolate. Stick the gumball on top and place it into the middle of the icing snow banks.
  • To make the plaque, spread most of the remaining white chocolate (save just a little bit) out on a piece of parchment paper and allow it to cool completely. Once it has hardened, cut a small rectangle out of the chocolate. Using an edible pen, write a holiday message on the plaque. Melt the last of the icing and use a little to glue the plaque onto the candy cane.
  • Add the striped lollipop and snowflake candies to the cake.
  • Sprinkle the coarse sugar over the top of the entire cake to add a little snowy sparkle.


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