6 Snack Foods That Are Surprisingly Better Frozen


Not every frozen treat is ice cream. Or even popsicles! There are some foods that make great frozen snacks. Think gummy bears, yogurt, we’ve even heard that frozen avocado slices sprinkled with salt and chili powder are delicious.

Here’s a list of 6 more foods that are even better when served right out of the freezer:


For the perfect dairy-free ice cream, blend peeled and frozen bananas with cocoa powder for the creamiest choco-nana treat. In the mood for a frozen chocolate banana popsicle? Place a stick into one end of a peeled banana, dip in melted chocolate, roll in chopped nuts, and freeze.

Coconut water

We can all agree that coconut water is great to drink all on its own but freeze it into cubes (or even whip up a batch of refreshing popsicles with it!) and a whole list of possibilities opens up. These cubes won’t water down your drink but only enhance it as they melt. Try them in orange and pineapple juice, a cold coffee, or even in a smoothie.

Mars bars

There’s not much to say about this one. Just try it. Enough said.


While frozen raspberries are a nice addition to water or soda try blending them with lime juice until smooth for a quick sorbet that won’t have you counting calories. Want to kick it up to an adult-only treat? Add some rum or vodka when blending.


Cut peeled and pitted peaches into slices and freeze. They’re an easy snack for kids to pull right out of the freezer, and they double as ice cubes that won’t dilute your drink and they can be eaten as they slowly thaw in your beverage, having absorbed some of the flavours of the liquid. Peaches also make a spectacular sorbet or ice cream.


Think of frozen grapes as nature’s bonbon. Simply remove red or green grapes from the stem and freeze. They’re like little bites of sorbet wrapped in firm jackets. Just be careful with little ones. This might be best cut in halves first, or as an adult-only snack.


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