6 Speedy Winter Side Dish Ideas

Fast & Easy Winter Side Dish Ideas - SavvyMom

Warning: The following six winter side dish ideas are about to change your weeknight cooking game.

Sure, you can still rely on the odd salad or two (preferably hearty ones) to compliment your roast chicken or seared salmon, but these speedy winter side dish ideas are so easy and so delicious we have the feeling you might just banish salad from your weeknight repertoire for the time being (you can welcome it back with open arms in the spring). From quick roasted pumpkin to Brussels sprouts with pancetta and pine nuts, these veggie sides are both healthy and flavour-packed. The best part? Most can be pulled together in less than an hour from start to finish.

6 Fast & Easy Winter Side Dish Ideas

Winter Side Dish Ideas - Roasted Pumpkin

1. Roasted Pumpkin

Roasted pumpkin could be one of the easiest (and tastiest) side dishes you will ever make! This recipe from Martha Stewart could not be more simple or delicious.

Winter Side Dish Ideas - maple roasted root vegetables

2. Maple Roasted Root Veggies

Caramelized with maple syrup, these root veggies are utterly scrumptious.

6 speedy winter sides, roasted heirloom carrots

3. Maple and Thyme Roasted Heirloom Carrots

Have you heard of heirloom carrots? Here we’re roasting them with maple syrup and fresh thyme for the perfect winter side.

6 speedy winter sides, brussels sprouts with pine nuts and pancetta

4. Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta and Pine Nuts

Think you hate Brussels sprouts? We are going to change your mind with this mind-blowingly delicious recipe!

6 speedy winter sides, thyme roasted winter squash

 5. Thyme Roasted Winter Squash

This recipe will work well with any type of squash or pumpkin that you have available!

6 speedy winter sides, lemon and thyme smashed fingerling potatoes

 6. Lemon and Thyme ‘Smashed’ Potatoes

A rustic potato dish that is made delicious with lemon, thyme, and lots of freshly grated Parmesan.


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