A Cozy Flick

Kids Watching 3D Movie with Popcorn

Baby, it’s cold outside! But it’s nice and cozy in that theatre around the corner. And when was the last time you went to see a flick since that baby was born?

Movies For Mommies, Canada’s original parent & baby film event, isn’t brand new but it is one of those secrets that moms like to keep to themselves. So for all you new moms out there, here’s the scoop. It’s simple.

You can bring your babe to the movies during the day without having to worry about breastfeeding in public or your little one crying while other patrons are trying to be romantic/quiet or on a date without their own kids. At Movies For Mommies, everyone in the theatre is a mom with a baby. That’s why they call it Movies For Mommies, natch.

Do babies cry and will you be able to watch the movie, you ask? The answer, according to Robyn Green-Ruskin savvy mom to Eli (6 months), is yes to both. “From time to time babies do cry, but that’s the beauty of the event—it’s OK if your little one cries too. Most babies settle down once the lights are out. There is a bit of gurgling in the audience and most babies nod off to sleep.”

Every month, movies begin with added benefits such as guest speakers on various mom and baby topics, or a pre-show event like Gymboree play time, or free baby portraits. There are fantastic door prizes and samples too.

Visit www.moviesformommies.com for more information and click here for theatre listings.

A little fresh baby scent mixed with the aroma of buttered popcorn? A Brad Pitt sighting in the middle of the afternoon? It’s all a refreshing change from laundry—that’s enough to get us outside!

Good to Know:

  • Ample stroller parking in theatre lobbies provided
  • Stocked change tables with wipes available in each MFM theatre
  • Bottle warming at concessions


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