Birthday in the Boardroom


It takes a team of people to bring SavvyMom to our readers every week. And while we’re not sure if it’s by design or by accident, every one of those people is a mom. Between that and the fact that we are a small business, that makes for different work environment that many people are accustomed to in larger organizations. The funny thing about having all moms here is that, other than the odd ‘where do you think a good place to get a new raincoat for Jimmy?’ conversation, everyone is pretty focused on getting down to business so we can all get home to be with tend to our families. Lunch time is spent on family errands (we picked our office location to be close to banks, grocery stores and more) and after-work drinks are, well, pretty much non-existent (unless you count the glass of wine I usually have on the go while I chase my three kids through the bed and bathtime routine).
imageSo it was fun this week to actually have a ‘birthday in the boardroom’ moment to celebrate Denise’s special birthday (age is irrelevant so we won’t bother mentioning the number). The sales team lured her into the meeting room under false pretences—to get her help with a report, they said—and then the rest of us marched in with the most beautiful cake from Yummy Stuff to surprise her. It was fun sharing a slice of lemon-raspberry cake with the team. We will do it more often!




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