A Pirate’s Life


Who among us hasn’t heard the siren call of the open sea, or even Mooney’s Bay?
Kids love pirates. We’re not sure why. It can’t be the scurvy…or the sea sickness…or the rat infested food. We’d like to think it’s the desire to explore the world around us, but let’s face it, they want the treasure (even if it is a candy necklace).

Well, now we have the chance to find out whether we’re rogues or landlubbers.

Captain Terry and his mates at Pirate Adventures Canada provide a unique and entertaining experience in the form of a 75-minute sampling of life aboard a pirate ship (that is, without the rats, the scurvy and lack of a bathroom).

Pirates-in-training sail along with an experienced crew to discover a treasure map, help defend their ship against an evil pirate, make someone walk the plank(!), sing songs, fire water cannons, share some grog, dance a jig, and discover a few hidden secrets in the Bay.


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