Book Notes


The road to ‘better’ parenting is paved with good intentions, and a lot of those intentions take the form of the latest and greatest parenting books piled up beside your bed that you hope you’ll get a chance to read one day.
So imagine our relief (maybe, just maybe we’ll finally get a handle on how to dispel sibling rivalry) when we discovered, a web resource that promises to do that reading for us so we don’t have to (founded by a busy mom of course).

A cross between Coles Notes (we know you used them) and an online Book of the Month Club, the site offers over 150 of the latest parenting and family health bestsellers expertly summarized into attractively presented and well-written eight-page summaries, which you can download and print, read on your computer or keep on your handheld device for ‘handy’ reference. One year subscriptions, which offer two downloads a month, cost less than $6 US per month (they make a great baby shower gift too). Free trials are also available.


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