Calgary: The Savvy Guide to February

The Savvy Guide to February in Calgary - SavvyMom

February, we need to talk. We wish we didn’t spend so many of your mere 28 days contemplating an escape to warmer climes, but sometimes your blustery weather gets us down. So go easy on us and we’ll do our best to make the most of you, okay? There’s still a lotta good packed into this short month — Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, Family Day — our Savvy Guide to February in Calgary will help make the most of it.

The Savvy Guide to February in Calgary

Fun Family Activities in Calgary in February - SavvyMom


Bundle up, leave the house, and explore

Why? Cabin fever is a thing, even if you don’t actually live in a cabin. Despite the chill there is a lot going on, so see what’s happening for families in February in Calgary.

Savvy Guide to Valentine's Day - SavvyMom


Get set for Valentine’s Day

Why? How do you love yourself? Here’s how if you can’t count the ways. And you can’t possibly make too big a deal of loving your kids, plus they need something to look forward to this month. Use hearts cut from pink or red construction paper to write sweet little messages and tape to their bedroom doors every night between today and the big day so they wake to a new love note each morning. And even though February 14 falls on a Tuesday this year, find time for special outing with your grown-up Valentine, too. Get a sitter and book brunch or dinner together. Or simply pop some bubbly once the kids have gone to bed. Our Savvy Guide to Valentine’s Day has easy ideas to show the lovel.


Get Outta Dodge

The Family Day long weekend is fast approaching and if you’ve had enough low key long weekends, why not sneak in a quick winter getaway? Here are some ideas for Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, and Vancouver.

Kids Books for Black History Month - SavvyMom


Kids’ Books for Black History Month

Why? The month of February is Black History Month for Canadians, an important month to pause and reflect on the legacy left by black women and men in our country. We’ve curated list of books for a variety of age groups that will help guide and direct young readers in learning and engaging in the history of both Canada and the United States, as well as featuring children of colour in literature.

Football Cake


Are you ready for some football?

Why? Even if you’ve tried and tried and tried and still don’t understand football, everyone knows the Superbowl is all about the feast and the halftime show. And even if an epic Superbowl bash isn’t in the cards this year, a warm bowl of chile con carne topped off with a football cake is a great Sunday night with the kids.

Streaming for Kids & Families in February - SavvyMom


Streaming for Kids & Families in February

Why? Because as much as we need fresh air and to find ways to enjoy the winter months, we need to cuddle up on that couch and watch something good.


Donate your bestsellers

Why? You wanted to read Nomadland or The Dig before watching the movie, but you don’t need to make room for it next to your vintage copies of Pride & Prejudice or Bridget Jones’s Diary. Donate your used books—it’s a great way to meet your decluttering goals. Is there a little free library on your street or in your neighbourhood? That’s a great winter project too.


Raise awareness for anti-bullying initiatives by wearing a pink shirt on Pink Shirt Day this February 22

Why? Because it’s a simple way to stand up to bullies while encouraging your kids to speak up if they’re targeted themselves. Proceeds from the official shirts and accessories go towards the CKNW Kids Fund, which supports anti-bullying programs in BC and Western Canada.


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