Ottawa: The Savvy Guide to February 2012

SavvyMom January 31, 2017

Don’€™t give into the February blues’€”go red instead and warm up this blustery, brief month by spreading the love around. Here are some ideas to get started.

Remember the love this month and get inspired with these savvy Valentine’€™s Day ideas
Why? Because there are some sweet and easy ways to say ‘€˜I love you’€™.

To Winterlude
Why? Because for three weekends this month, you and the kids can enjoy snowy activities, giant snow and ice sculptures, a huge snow playground, shows and more. And it’€™s open on Family Day.

Some Valentine’€™s Day cards and a class list
Why? Because the whole class gets a card and you want to make sure the names are spelled correctly. Don’€™t leave this to the night before’€”it takes longer than you think, especially if Jack and Jill want to write them all.

The Dating Game with your family. Ask questions about why they love the other person. Make sure you award points and make teams if you have to, so it’€™s a real game.
Why? You’€™re spreading the love. What more can we say?

Support Global Pet Foods’€™ 7th Annual Show Us Your Heart fundraiser until February 14
Why? Pet lovers of all ages can help local animal shelters and homeless pets. Each store is supporting a specific local shelter, and every dollar donated during the campaign goes directly to the animals in need. It’€™s like a valentine for your furry friends.

Why? It’€™s an online marketplace selling unique and creative items from passionate Canadian vendors. Most of the goods are all-natural and all of them are locally made. You might even find a small V-Day gift there for someone special.

How Eskimos Keep Their Babies Warm and Other Adventures in Parenting Around the World by Mei-Ling Hopgood
Why? To remind us that children are raised in many different ways all over the world by parents who love them and believe that their way is the right way. And it is’€”for them. So keep loving them and doing what you’€™re doing.

Why? It’€™s a great new app for parents to track their baby’€™s progress (i.e. feeding and sleeping schedules) and to safely share photos (and the love) with close friends and family.

Make a pledge to reduce your ‘€˜fashion footprint’€™
Why? Because even our beloved wardrobe and shopping for new clothes have an impact on our environment. However, there are alternatives. You can change the world’€”one pair of jeans or a load of laundry at a time.

An easy homemade Valentine’€™s Day card
Why? Because this adorable pop-up, love-bug valentine is a super-easy card for kids to create for family or friends (and it’€™s really cute).

Get 15% off any Valentine’s Day gift from Sweet Flour Bake Shop using code SVMCC12 until February 13
Why? Because their new cookie cupcakes are truly scrumptious and it’€™s always great to get a deal when you’€™re buying sweets for your sweeties.

P.S. Remember, it’s a leap year, so there’s an extra day to love!

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