Calgary: The Savvy Guide to February

SavvyMom June 24, 2016

We like to think of February as an excuse to give out more hugs and indulge in a little pampering. Here’s our guide to making the most of this lovey-dovey month.

Register for summer camp
Why? It might feel like summer is never going to arrive, but registration for many camps and other summer sports programs opens this month. At the very least, look up registration dates of your top choices and organize any vacation time you hope to take so that you are ready to nab your top spots.

To TELUS Spark’s Material of the Season: Paper, until February 29
Why? This family-focused adventure—perfect for kids under 8—explores the ways you can create and change paper. Kids will become engineers, artists, scientists and architects (cardboard forts, anyone?) as they explore the special properties of this everyday material.

Sexy undies
Why? Nothing beats the winter blues like a little pampering. Frilly undergarments are not a priority for most moms, but they could be the perfect pre-Valentine’s treat to make you feel as special as you are. This Mayana Geneviere nursing bra is lovely, soft, lacy and simply pulls to the side for nursing. (No clasps!) There are also matching postpartum lace panties that are smoking hot.

Snow racing
Why? This year’s El Niño weather pattern has meant a milder-than-usual winter. We’re not complaining! But it does mean we need to take our winter fun when we can. This Stiga Snow Racer is one of this year’s most popular winter toys and it’s on sale right now. This is the perfect time of year to pick up discounted winter gear and hit the hills.

The Finding Place by Julie Hartely
Why? Canadian author Julie Hartely explores what it’s like to be an international adoptee in this touching novel that’s perfect for tweens, teens, or anyone who wants to look at what really makes a family. Thirteen-year-old Kelly was adopted from China by couple in North America. After her father leaves them, Kelly and her mother return to China to discover her cultural roots and search for identity.

Why? It’s not an excuse when busy parents say they simply don’t have time for a regular workout routine. But you know you have five minutes! This easy-to-use, free app for both Android and iOS generates random workouts that focus on strength, cardio, stretching or yoga. The workouts can be as short as five minutes long and require no extra equipment.

This immunization schedule tool and make sure your kids are up to date
Why? Kindergarten registration opens this month in many school boards across the country. With recent outbreaks of measles and whooping cough, public health agencies are clamping down on vaccine requirements. Make sure your child’s immunization record is up to date before registering, and look for answers on this government website to any other questions you may have.

By eating local
Why? With produce prices off the charts and the sad state of our nose-diving Canadian dollar, it’s never been a better time to plan seasonal (read: cheaper) meals. This roundup of 25 hearty soups and stews makes great use of winter produce like root vegetables, cabbage, beans, and frozen or canned vegetables. Both your wallet and Mother Earth will thank you.

Collage-heart Valentine’s Day cards
Why? Valentine’s Day is to crafts as Christmas is to cookies. If ever there was a time of year to haul out the old bin of popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, and pretty papers, it’s now. We especially love these aluminum-foil collage hearts from Crafting them also makes for a fun way to spend a winter afternoon. Even if you get store-bought Valentines for the whole class, making a few homemade ones for special friends and family members is a sweet idea.

Calgarians experiencing homelessness, poverty and hunger by going to The Coldest Night of the Year—a family-friendly charity fundraising event and walkathon—on Saturday, February 20 at 5 pm in Eau Claire Market
Why? 600 walkers and 75 teams plus staff are expected to turn out and brave the cold to raise funds for Feed the Hungry, The Mustard Seed and Acadia Place. Organizers are expecting to raise $150,000—so grab your mitts and join in. It’s a beautiful way to show your kids how communities can come together to help those in need. Plus, if you raise over $150, the entrance fee is waived, so rally the fam to try and exceed that goal.



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