Face the Music

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

‘Sing, sing a song, make it simple to last a whole life long…’ or at least sing so your kids can remember and repeat.
Music is an integral part of your child’s development from birth onwards, and as parents we can use it to ease transitions, lull to sleep and work through daily routines.

Besides singing, kids also benefit from learning instruments. Get them started on the kitchen floor and then nurture their musical nature with a class at Music Together. This wonderful music program has been on the scene in the USA and other Canadian cities for over twenty years and is making its debut in Calgary on September 29. Music Together focuses on the power of role modelling by teaching parents how to musically interact with their children while making music together.

Jodi Howard, the director of Music Together in Edmonton and now Calgary, believes that kids of all ages are musical beings. Jodi trained at MT headquarters in New York State with her son before bringing the program to Canada, and follows the belief that music need not be performance-based (and reserved for those with talent). Rather, music making should be fun for all.

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