Little Miss Manners


A wise man once said, “Friends and good manners will carry you where money won’t go.” So if you’re like us, you might be feeling some pressure to brush up on your manners—and at the very least get Jack and Jill on the which-fork-to-use program.

According to entrepreneur, teacher, mother, grandmother and great grandmother J. Taylor Hughes, manners are life skills that should be taught alongside basics like how to tie laces or look both ways. As life has become increasingly casual (and hectic) parents have turned away from teaching formal manners and in many ways, old school manners have become a luxury.

Admittedly we would love our children to have impeccable manners at restaurants, events or Christmas dinner at Grandma’s house. If the “please chew with your mouth closed” or “take your napkin off your head” is getting you down, turn to Etiquette for Success for early intervention.

Etiquette for Success teaches children aged three to fourteen the foundations for a lifetime of charm and dignity. Classes focus on table etiquette and social skills including thank you cards, holding doors, giving up your seat on the bus and pushing only the necessary buttons on the elevator (now there’s a life lesson).


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