Craft It. Make It. Bake It.


Kids can’t buy jewels but they’ll break your heart with a homemade treat from our list of 20 Ways to Make Mother’s Day this year.

Because gifts made by hand are made with love.

I love Grandma because...

Grandma’s Day Gift
The only thing cuter than this flower craft are the reasons kids love their grandmas. This gift will tug the heartstrings, bring on the tears and make for a really fun, easy and adorable keepsake. (Craft It!)

Mint lime foot soak

Mint Lime Foot Soak 
Moms, you deserve a break today. Sit down, relax and soak your feet with this homemade concoction. You’ll be refreshed with the healing powers of Epsom salts and the revitalizing scent of citrus, all made with love. (Make It!)

Tell someone in your home to help the kids with the rest of our Ways to Make Mother’s Day (Dad, we’re talking to you).


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