Crafty Nature


While we’re pretty crafty here at Savvy HQ, that doesn’t mean we’re necessarily good at crafts. But recently we’ve been inspired to find activities with the kids that bring the outdoors in. And because they all use old household items, and are designed to bring the kids outdoors, they’re an exercise in being green as well.
Egg Carton Caterpillars
You’ll Need: Cardboard egg carton, paint (ideally tempera) and brushes, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, scissors, glue
The Nature Part: To get the kids in the mood to create caterpillars, send them outside to crawl around on the grass (pretending they are caterpillars, of course). Next, have them hunt for real caterpillars, and if they find any, gather around to inspect them, then oooh and ahhh about what unique characteristics caterpillars have.
The Craft: Cut the egg carton into strips of six (this step should be done by a grown-up). Cut the pipe cleaners into 10 cm lengths. Next, have the kids paint the egg carton (which is now the caterpillar body) in any design they wish. After the paint is dry, help them insert pipe cleaners into the first cell (the head) of the egg carton to form antennae. Glue googly eyes onto face.


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