Decorate-Your-Own Doughnut Birthday Party

Decorate-Your-Own Doughnut Birthday Party - SavvyMom

Who needs cake? A Doughnut Birthday Party = Dessert + Loot Bags

The start of summer also means (unofficially) it is the start of birthday party season. I am going to take a stab in the dark and guess that you are probably going to either host, or attend, at least one child’s birthday party this summer. My experience has been that little hands and tummies don’t always need a big slab of cake, and keeping in line with the smaller bites and cupcake trends that we have been seeing of late, I thought what better idea than to throw a doughnut-inspired party instead. It would be darned cute, simple as can be and I am pretty sure kids would love it. Plus, no blowing out candles all over a communal cake.

One of my favourite things about a decorate-your-own doughnut birthday party is that you don’t really even have to make the doughnuts, thereby cutting down your party prep-time significantly. Simply purchase a box of small, plain doughnuts, whip up a batch of royal icing (and tint whatever colour(s) that you like) and serve up little bowls brimming with multi-coloured candies. Include everything from sprinkles to confetti candy to silver balls and tiny M&Ms. The ideas and colour themes are endless so you can really take this idea and make it your own.

Still hoping to serve up a cake for your kids party? Take this idea and make it a craft at the party. Set up a DIY doughnut station where kids can decorate their own doughnut and take it home with them in a cute box or paper bag.

DIY Doughnut Supplies:

  • A dozen (or more) plain doughnuts
  • Royal icing
  • Food colouring pastes to tint icing (optional)
  • Little bowls filled with your candies of your choice
  • A rack to let doughnuts dry
  • Little take-home paper bags or boxes
  • I would also suggest a large disposable (or wipeable) plastic table cloth to catch all the mess

Now that you have got all the fixings, simply let your guests go to town icing and decorating their very own doughnut.


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