Easter Breakfast: Raisin Pecan Sticky Toast


I’m starting to think about what to make for Easter breakfast this year and, as usual, I’m struggling between a sweet or savoury main option. I know I can serve both, but I really do prefer to narrow it down to one or the other, and then fill the rest of the table with an assortment of fresh fruit, yogurt parfaits and baked bread.

This week, a recipe for Raisin Pecan Sticky Toast came though my email and it quickly became a front-runner for the sweet breakfast option, should I decide to go that way. Raisin bread is a nostalgic item from my own childhood and I can attest to how great it tastes when toasted. The addition of brown sugar and chopped nuts elevates it a new flavour level resulting in a tasty dish that resembles the French toast we’re all familiar with, but with a cinnamon bun taste, minus the mess. All the work for this recipe is done in the oven making it a perfect choice for easy entertaining, or just to leave your hands free so you can help the kids hunt for their eggs.

What do you like to serve for Easter breakfast? Are there any traditional foods that make their way to your table each year?

Find the full recipe here: Raisin Pecan Sticky Toast


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