How to Craft a Creative Easter Basket

How to Craft a Creative Easter Basket_feature

We always have a lot of fun with the Easter basket, and love filling it with some creative and colourful finds. Sure, sugar is fun while it lasts, but these toys, crafts and other collectibles will keep your kids giggling and playing as the days get longer and the kiddos finally shed their snow gear. Bring on the pastels and bunny ears and let’s fill the Easter basket.

Easter Basket Tote – Unicorn

Well, they certainly didn’t make cool Easter baskets like this when we were growing up. We’re simply enamoured with this unicorn Easter basket and can’t wait to fill it with all sorts of fun and creative goodies to make for an eggscellent Easter holiday.

$12.50, available at Indigo

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty Foxfire

If the kids like slime – and let’s face it, what kid doesn’t these days–they’ll adore this super cool version. Putty is a bit more manageable than slime and less likely to get stuck in rugs or throws. And the Foxfire variety is a glimmering light green colour that glows bright blue in the dark. There’s even a “glow charge” pen that allows you to “draw” on your putty with glowing strokes – supernaturally cool.

$20, available at Indigo

Skip Hop Explore More Egg Shakers

An Easter basket for our little bunny wouldn’t be complete with something egg-themed, and these woodland-themed shakers are the perfect addition. Different sounds, colours and textures are perfect for baby’s developing sensory abilities.

$13, available at

L.O.L. Series 3 Surprise Lil Sisters

Well, we have to say that the colours of all the L.O.L. surprises go very well with our Easter theme, and the little ones do so love the unwrapping process, and then they get to bathe the lil sister for an additional surprise. All that excitement without any sugar – wow!

$12, available at Mastermind Toys

Battleboat Erasers

Finally, we’ve found some school supplies that our little dude is totally stoked about! Not that we condone playing games during lesson time, but we can tell that he’s going to want to get his schoolwork done quickly so that he and his buds can play battleship with these erasers.

$11, available at Mastermind Toys

The Orb Factory Soft’n Slo Squishies Pastry

Those slow rise squishy toys are strangely addictive, and the food items are too cute. They’ll be besotted by the pastry theme, complete with a cinnamon bun, cupcake, and more, all of which will certainly round out their play kitchen accessories.

$29, available at Walmart

Pokemon Sun and Moon Cards

We’ve got to hand it to them – the Pokemon gang has staying power. Our kiddos still love collecting and trading cards, plus playing the game. They’ll be overjoyed to add to their stash with some new cards.

$6, available at Indigo

Ty Beanie Boos Lollipop Bunny

Cute alert – our little Beanie Boo lovers will swoon over the Easter addition to their collections. Pastel perfection, all ready for spring.

$6, available at Indigo

Play-Doh Confetti 6-Pack

Play-Doh makes for some seriously fun play time! If you’d like to enjoy a hot cup of coffee on Easter morning, hand your kids some Play-Doh and watch their imaginations run wild while they busy themselves for hours. Here’s some fun inspiration to get you going.

From $8, available at Walmart

Fingerlings Sloth

We like fingerlings and we ADORE sloths so this combo was a no brainer – into the basket it goes! They even make adorable baby sloth sounds – hello, day MADE.

$25, available at Mastermind Toys

Hatchimals Colleggtibles Season 2

Oh my, is it possible that Hatchimals got even cuter? They did – and in eggs just perfect for Easter! The egg carton makes a great carrying case for the glittering garden pair who is ready to hatch with the help of a friend.

$8, available at

Zoli Bunny Ear Teethers

Here’s another fabulous addition to a baby bunny basket. These bunny ear teethers will be just what your teething baby needs to chomp on to ease teething discomfort. They even have dual nubs for those hard-to-reach molars.

$20, available at Indigo

Fresh Pick Scented Neon Gel Crayon Highlighters

What are these artistic miracle pens? They’re highlighters, they’re gel crayons, they’re even watercolour paints! They smell delicious fruity, and they don’t dry out. Our kids are going to be colouring, highlighting, and painting for ages with these amazing inventions.

$13, available at Mastermind Toys

Jack and Jill Rinse Storage Cup

We really couldn’t resist the cute bunny on this cup. Use it as a rinse cup in the bathroom, a water cup by the bed, or as a storage cup for markers on the desk – this one has a ton of potential! Plus, it’s made from bamboo and rice husks, so no plastic pollution here.

$10, available at



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