Family Planning

Remember your first phone? It probably wasn’t any more than 15 years ago and we’re guessing you were about twenty, if not older. You felt pretty lucky to have a cell phone and you should have felt that way—it was a big deal. If only kids today could appreciate the convenience of not being trapped inside a building with a phone cord attached to the wall.
While parents today might not be able to get their kids to appreciate cell phones as much as we would like them too, at least they can get a good deal on a phone plan which might lessen the blow… or at the very least, find an upgrade for mom that looks appealing. Because so many families often have more than two cell phones now, Rogers has developed the Unlimited Family Plan, providing the flexibility and the value that Canadian families want.

The Unlimited Family Plan provides the best value for two lines, and now it’s even easier for families to add three, four or even five lines on one account.

And it gets even better. To sweeten the pot, Rogers is offering some of the hottest smartphones on the market for $0 when you sign up for the plan. So, each time you add a line on a 3-yr. term with a voice and data plans for $25/month plus Government Regulatory Recovery Fee±, you get a $0 smartphone. All lines will also have shared access to:

  • Unlimited Canada-Wide Family Calling1
  • Unlimited Extreme Texting2
  • Unlimited Picture & video Messaging2
  • Unlimited Talk Evenings & Weekends3
  • Unlimited Social Networking4

A family with a plan is a family who knows where they are going—even if they have to call or text each other to remember.

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