Getting Back to the True Meaning of Family Day

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Other than my husband`s birthday and Valentine’s Day, when I think of special days during the month of February, I think of Family Day. This year it falls on February 19th. I think of this day as a reminder of the importance of spending time together. Of course, as with Valentine’s Day, if it’s the only day that you show love and togetherness, your actions may appear somewhat disingenuous. However, if you see this as an opportunity to put in extra effort to show how much you care, then your actions will appear more sincere.

The face of family has changed dramatically over the years. No longer is family conventionally defined by a mother, father, and kids. Now, families take on many shapes.

Not everyone is fortunate to be part of a family in which he or she feels secure, loved, and supported. For some, family has been a huge disappointment. While some believe that family members should be revered and respected no matter how they act towards one another, others feel that blood is not always thicker than water and that the friends they have chosen to be part of their inner circle have become symbolic of the family they created themselves.

No matter who you choose to hang out with on Family Day, consider this an opportunity to focus on and show appreciation for one another.

Ideas to Celebrate Family on Family Day

Dust off old photo albums…

… and drag out old video tapes or DVDs of years gone by. After going through my father’s belongings after he passed away, and coming across old report cards he had kept of my mothers, my plan is to show my kids some of my report cards and school projects from when I was a student. I’m doing this especially because I wish I would have seen my mom’s school records before she passed so that I could have discussed them with her and asked questions.

Enjoy a nice home-cooked meal together.

While eating together, take the opportunity to voice out loud the top three things that you appreciate about one another. Too often we think good thoughts about one another but don’t always express them out loud.

Turn off your phones…

… and tablets and laptops and other tech so that you can focus on one another. Play a board game, play charades, or pull out the kids’ markers and create a family masterpiece on a large piece of paper. Maybe trace around each of your hands on a piece of paper as a keepsake.

Whatever you decide to do together, I wish you a fabulous Family Day!


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