Happy Birthday SavvyMom!


Three years ago today we sent out the very first SavvyMom newsletter. It went to about 400 of our combined closest friends and acquaintances (we’re very popular). Whew, what a day that was (kind of like giving birth).
That was our first Toronto edition. Since then we have added three city editions, a food edition and a new user-driven site at ShareSavvy.ca (the most recent addition to our team). With almost 30,000 subscribers across Canada now, we are definitely keeping ourselves busy (but not necessarily out of trouble).

Sarah and I will have a chance to enjoy a glass of champagne soon, I hope. We know we would be nowhere without the support of our families (especially our big, strong and handsome beloveds who listen patiently to all things Savvy)…but enough about us. Today, we really need to thank our readers who have supported us and sent us lots of positive feedback and fabulous editorial ideas over the years. They have been the lifeblood of SavvyMom. They keep us going when we are having a bad day (or a bad week) because they remind us of why we are doing what we are doing. We would be nowhere without our savvymoms.

So Happy Birthday to all our readers and stay savvy!


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