Minnow’s Five Things


Here’s what caught my attention this week:

  1. Expecting babies these days is a big job. First you have to plan your babymoon (that last trip as a couple), then there is the Gender Reveal Party. So, once the sex of the baby is determined at the first ultrasound, couples gather their friends and family around to announce the sex of the 12 week old fetus. Note that the baby is only about 12 weeks old—in utero—for its first party. I guess if you’re going to celebrate, then let it be about the birth of a child. It’s not like we have a lot of sports teams to celebrate with (I’m talking to you, Maple Leafs). Check out some of the inspirational images on Pinterest we found on this topic.
  2. Imagine my horror when I read this article Sarah sent me about the latest hair removal trend among women. Nose hairs, apparently, need to be removed. The ones inside your nose. Why am I the last to hear about this? I have nose hair and I get a lot of press releases. People, please keep me informed! I care about hair (see Goody bracelets below for proof). But now that I know, I don’t think I’ll go. You?
  3. Dirty Yoga. It sounds like fun and it is—but it’s designed specifically for straight men. With a mandate to ‘take the fear out of practicing yoga’, it eliminates the scary spiritual parts of yoga, banishes all opportunity for embarrassment and humiliation (including the fear of farting in front of hot chicks), thereby allowing men to practice yoga in complete secret. It’s funny and very clever but the genius is in the fact that it’s an online recurring subscription service and it offers some decent yoga routines that men might do. Look for this again in an upcoming Father’s Day gift list soon. It’s good stuff. Read these seven reasons why straight men are scared of yoga.
  4. No more sporting those less-than-attractive black elastics around your wrist (how did we let that go on for so long?). Goody has hopped on the stacked bracelet trend and brought us a practical solution—the Goody Double Wear Elastics. They come in packs of two, but buy more and wear a bunch at a time if you want to look cool. Even one looks better than that ratty old black number you have on your wrist right now. No hairs attached (and good for dirty yoga routines).
  5. Goody Elastics

  6. For Earth Day (this Sunday), I’ll direct you to a short video about a movie called Play Again. Because our kids deserve more time outside and we need to make that happen. I feel very strongly about this. Get them outside.


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