A Very Happy Holiday to You


The holidays: stressful or magical? We say both, but magic wins in the end.
We conducted an informal poll recently and asked people what the holidays meant to them. The answers ranged from the obvious’€”gifts, parties, food, drinks’€”to more personal answers, like time off work, trips, spending time with the kids or enduring mandatory family fun.

One common thread we found with all of the answers is that everyone has traditions. It’€™s what the season is all about. Even if you go away somewhere different each year, that’€™s your tradition. If you stay in and order pizza, that’€™s a tradition too. Traditions can be new or old. They can be passed on from previous generations or started fresh with your own family. They give us something to look forward to every year and deepen the family ties that we all hold so close.

For moms, all the work and stress that the holidays can bring is over once Christmas Eve comes around. Our work is done. The traditions take over and the magic begins.

For a peek behind the scenes at Savvy HQ and our own families, we hope you’€™ll enjoy learning about some of our traditions for the night before Christmas.

We wish you the very best of the season with your family and friends.


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