16 Essentials


It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there and kids need all the help they can get these days. So do parents.
One of the easiest ways for moms to help their kids is to make sure they drink enough milk. It’s packed with 16 essential nutrients, including calcium for healthy teeth and bones, and Vitamin D to help the body absorb calcium. It also contains protein for growing bodies and carbohydrates that provide energy to help keep kids moving.

According to Canada’s Food Guide, elementary school kids need anywhere from two to four servings of milk and alternatives every day (depending on their age). But as any busy parent knows, some days it’s hard enough just getting them to school on time.

That’s why the Elementary School Milk Program is so important. It’s a simple way to add another serving of milk to your child’s day by making it available at school. Kids even have the choice of regular milk or chocolate milk (and moms shouldn’t be worried about the chocolate option since it provides kids with the same amount of nutrients as white milk—16 essential nutrients including Vitamins B12 and A—and has no more sugar than the same amount of unsweetened apple juice).

Right now more than 70% of elementary schools in Ontario are registered with the Elementary School Milk Program, including nearly two-thirds of the schools that now offer full-day kindergarten as of September 2010.

If your school is registered with the Elementary School Milk Program, make sure your child is signed up to receive milk.

If your school isn’t part of the program, it should be. And if you’re not sure whether your school is part of the Elementary School Milk program, find out at milkinschool.ca.

If your child knew they needed more of those 16 essential nutrients every day to help them learn and grow, they wouldn’t hesitate to ask.

So milk it…the Elementary School Milk Program, that is.


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