Ottawa: The Savvy Guide to February

SavvyMom January 12, 2017
savvy guide to February 2007

Short days, short month, short tempers (usually directed at short people in your family). It’s February.
Just because it gets dark early doesn’t mean you can put your kids to bed at 4:30 unfortunately. Here’s our Savvy Guide on how to get through the short dark month with a smile.

To Winterlude, of course.
Why? Because the weather is cooperating so it’s not going to be ‘Waterlude’ after all. As any true Ottawan knows, Winterlude is the stuff memories are made of (and the beaver tails are pretty good, too).

Your Valentine’s Day Cards and make a plan to get them done (with the kids if they are old enough).
Why? Staying up late on February 13th trying to find the nursery school class list and faking your kid’s scribbling is not so savvy!

In the snow.
Why? It’s finally here and we’re not sure if it will last, so grab a sled and get to a hill.

Get to Mont Ste. Marie’s “Ski For Kids” on Friday, February 9.
Why? You get a great day of skiing in and you can help CHEO at the same time.

Don’t wait too long. February will be over soon—and we can’t say we’ll be S.A.D. about that.

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