Parents, Have You Heard of Moxie?


My coworker brought this trailer to my attention (knowing I have three daughters and a great love of Amy Poehler) and now I can’t wait for March 3rd.

Coming to Netflix soon, Moxie is the story of a shy 16-year-old who is fed up with the sexist and toxic status quo at her high school. After talking to her mom (Amy Poehler), she finds inspiration from her mother’s rebellious past and anonymously publishes a zine that sparks a school-wide, coming-of-rage revolution.

Can we just collectively say hell yes?

I’m here for this movie not only because I have three daughters, and not only because I adore Poehler, but because I am in the mood for a movie about fighting back, speaking up, and not accepting the way things are.

See all the Moxie-goodness for yourself with this trailer.

Moxie is based on the novel by Jennifer Mathieu and directed by Amy Poehler. Coming March 3rd to Netflix.

Happy Moxie Trailer Day, women!



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