Peanut Free and Hassle Free


Packing a lunch isn’t what it used to be. We know more about food. We have more options. And kids have more life-threatening allergies—the most common of which is peanuts. With the addition of no-nut policies in schools across the country, moms everywhere are scouring the aisles for peanut-free snacks their kids can safely bring to school.
Dare makes choosing peanut-free snacks easy because all of their facilities are nut-free and peanut-free. And their wide assortment of snacks makes for some great sidekicks to any lunch.

Take Bear Paws, for example. They’re Canada’s number 1 portable cookie snack because kids love them and moms approve of them. Everyone is happy because they taste great as well as being trans fat free, peanut free and made with real ingredients.
Bear Paws pair beautifully as a snack with Grilled Chicken Wraps

If you think that’s exciting, then you might want to know about the new Bear Paws crackers, in stores now for a lunchbox near you. Kids will love the unique bear paw shape, the crunch factor and the three flavours to choose from—cheddar cheese, vegetable and original. They have the same beneficial attributes as their big brother Bear Paws (trans fat free, peanut free and no artificial flavours) that moms will like too.
Bear Paws crackers are the perfect snack to have in a Bento Box Lunch


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