Pick of the Week: Oven to Table by Jan Scott

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Somehow, I sadly managed to go through a large portion of my adult life not knowing the deliciousness that is the sheet pan meal.

But when my husband and I recently decided to up our dinner game after realizing we were stuck in a boring food rut, we discovered the incredible benefits of one-pan, one-sheet and one-pot meals.

We have three little kids and we both work full time, so nobody’s got time for complicated cooking and tons of dirty dishes. Which is why I am absolutely in love with Oven to Table: Over 100 One-Pot and One-Pan Recipes for Your Sheet Pab, Skillet, Dutch Oven and More by Jan Scott.

The cookbook covers all the main mealtimes as well as veggie dishes, sides, pizzas, snacks, desserts and even drinks. With recipe ideas like Almond Butter and Jam Breakfast Bars, Horseradish and Havarti Mac and Cheese and Brown Sugar and Chili-Rubbed Salmon, there’s something incredibly flavourful for everyone in the family.

I love that it’s written by a fellow mom. Jan has three boys, so she knows what it’s like to cook for kids and be busy.

I also love her acknowledgements where she says “…thank you to everyone who taste-tested recipes, held my hand when I thought I might be losing it (like during the summer I thought I’d write a book while three kids were home from school), cared for my beloved baby when I needed to work without a toddler hanging off my hips…” (Oh, motherhood. She knows.)

But most of all, I love that my husband and I love our mealtimes again.

Oven to Table is available at Indigo and on Amazon for $19. 



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