Savvy or Not So Savvy: Baby Contest Update


Wondering what happened with the ‘€˜Baby’€™ contest run by the Ottawa radio station I wrote about last week? We have the update.
To recap: Ottawa radio station, Hot 89.9 ran a contest where the grand prize was three IVF (in vitro fertilization) treatments for a lucky couple valued at $35,000. Five couples were in the running, trying to garner as many public votes as they could in order to win. They shared their reasons for wanting a baby and their struggles to get pregnant’€”all very personal and heartbreaking.

The contest stirred up a great deal of attention. Issues ranged from treating a baby as a commodity or ‘€˜prize’€™ (when that wasn’€™t really the prize in the first place), to how they intended to choose what couple should win the ‘€˜baby’€™ prize’€¦the list goes on. Despite the negative media attention it attracted, reader responses were quite in favour of the contest.

On Tuesday, October 11, they sat everyone down and announced that they all won.

All five couples.

The morning show host, Jeff Mauler claims that the stories of these couples were so moving, that they worked to extend the contest budget to accommodate them all, not wanting to break anyone’€™s heart any further.

But the questions remain’€¦is this a result of human decency and goodwill or corporate crisis management? Does it matter, as long as the end result makes everyone a winner?

Since I’€™m such a glass half-full kind of girl, I like to focus on the families who won. The radio station made the right call in the end by harnessing the emotions surrounding the contest and giving everyone the chance to conceive.

Indeed, everyone was a winner’€”just don’€™t expect to see SavvyMom running the same kind of contest. We’€™ll be clear about what the prize is from the get-go.

What do you think?

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