See Ya Laters


I’€™m not clear on promotional considerations in the SavvyDad blogosphere, and I can certainly attest to not receiving any compensation in exchange for brand mention, so I shall carefully refer to the following healthy all-grain cereal ‘€˜O’€™s in the following post as ‘€˜See Ya Laters’€™.
As you moms know, a baby’€™s diet changes like a prairie wind. Just when you’€™re used to smushed stuff, fruit pieces enter the scene. Then bizarre melting crackers designed specifically for babies are smeared but enjoyed, followed by generic and recognizable food stuffs’€”my current favourite being, See Ya Laters. I can mindlessly munch on these all day. Coincidentally, so can Baxter. But his idea of mindless and mine differ greatly. I am able to use pinching fingers and so is Baxter’€”at times. The other times it’€™s like the carnival game in the big glass box that drops a haphazard crane bucket onto a mound of loot. Baxter’€™s hand drops and, as luck would have it, at least one See Ya Later O would adhere. Then it’€™s as simple as navigating the O towards the gaping mouth. More often than not, the O is peeled off his hand during rotation and insertion. Worry not, Baxter is undeterred; in fact he begins chewing automatically, although the look of disappointment is difficult to miss.

Sometimes Baxter’€™s hand rises towards his face looking like the tentacle of an octopus. Ten or more O-suction cups writhe before being plunged into his oral abyss. And even with those odds, not one will be consumed and onto the floor they go.

I wish we still had our dog.


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