Thanksgiving at SavvyHQ


Whether you view Thanksgiving as a well deserved long weekend, a chance to go to the pumpkin patch or an opportunity to spend time with your loved ones and reflect and give thanks…it’s still a long weekend. I’m just sayin’.
So I thought I would take a little poll around the office and find out what all the SavvyMoms at HQ are up to this Thanksgiving long weekend as most sports are cancelled so there is little structured activity (now we’re thankful).

Maggie, our newest member to the team and sales girl extraordinaire is heading up to the cottage on Saturday morning with her husband and her two children. That’s all she wrote (but I say—nice to have a cottage).

Michelle Tice, our Vancouver girl on the ground has a typically fabulous West Coast weekend planned. She’s taking her twin boys to Victoria on Friday and she’s running the Royal Victoria Half-Marathon on Sunday morning. Then they are going back to Vancouver Sunday night to celebrate Thanksgiving and the boys’ 4th birthday with her family in West Vancouver. (Go Michelle!)

Sarah, our Publisher and Co-Founder is spending the weekend in the country at the pumpkin patch and the Erin Fall Fair, then leaf viewing at the Forks of the Credit Provincial Park. In between that, she’ll be cooking dinner for 20 on Sunday. Ed Note: Since I’ve known Sarah for over 20 years (yikes), I also happen to know that it’s her 15th wedding anniversary this weekend, so I hope she’ll enjoy some champagne and I also hope someone at her house helps her mash the potatoes, at least!

Denise, our Food Editor is heading up to the cottage in Haliburton to do some fall clean-up, take in the fall colours and celebrate Thanksgiving with a big family dinner at her parents. No doubt it will be quite a feast!
Angela in Business Development is planning on planting some roots (or should we say, bulbs) with her daughters for the spring and keeping her fingers crossed that something survives the winter!

Leslie, our Sales and Production Coordinator will be taking dance classes with her two newest partners (who also happen to be two years of age!), as well as venturing off to a 5 year-old’s birthday party before the Thanksgiving family dinner on Sunday. Sounds like it’ll be a kid-friendly weekend.

Robyn, our Assistant Editor is making her annual Thanksgiving trip to Peterborough to visit with her mother-in-law, check out the awesome farmer’s market, visit the free zoo and partake in much turkey eating. Robyn is a bit of a foodie and actually likes making turkey stock, so I hope her MIL gives her the carcass (an appropriate mother-in-law gift).

I’m packing my family into the car and going on a road trip to the US for a college football game. We’re Notre Dame fans in my family (even though they are losing a lot these days). But we remain loyal—Go Irish.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving?


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