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What to Do in Toronto

You’re close to the finish line and you’re doing a great job, but soon it will all be over and you’re looking at two weeks of entertaining the kids at home. You may not have thought about that yet, but don’t worry, we have.

Once the novelty of hanging around in your pyjamas has worn off, you’ll find this quintessential list of The 15 Best Places to Take the Kids in Toronto to be your new bible. It’s a round up of all our favourite picks and places to take the kiddos that we’ve featured over the years. Just for you.

To start, our two very Savvy Scribes in Toronto shared their favourite places to go with the kids (and they should know).

Alison Rockwell picked YPT’s production of Annie as her favourite place to take her kids, because this well-loved play about the tenacious Little Orphan Annie offers important messages to remember this holiday season: love unconditionally and never give up hope. It’ll be a hit with kids ages five and up.

She also likes The Dakota Tavern for their weekend brunch. It’s got live music, kids and parents dancing in front of a bluegrass band, communal tables, homestyle cooking and it’s just loud enough inside that no one cares if babes are crying. (Note: there is limited seating so be prepared to line up prior to opening to get a seat, but it’s worth it!)

Janice Quirt picked going for a fun coffee and treat at de Mello Palheta coffeehouse. The coffee is great, the kids love the funky decor (graffiti on the walls and umbrellas hanging from the ceiling) plus the baked in-house treats are out of this world. It provides a much-needed opportunity to slow down and enjoy each other’s company as a family.

Don’t miss the rest of The 15 Best Places to Take the Kids in Toronto. You’ll thank us later.


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