Everyone is a Coupon


It’€™s been 35 years since the people of Richmond have had a new IKEA store. It’€™s your time. IKEA wants to thank you for the past 35 years of customer loyalty and we’€™re not talking about the regular run-of-the-mill kind of thank you. They went and built a brand new 334,000 sq. ft store with 51 room settings. That’€™s more inspiration than ever before.
And we’€™re here to tell you this new store is fab. It’€™s built to make shopping more fun, more inspiring and more creative in every way.

But they’€™re not just building you a new store, they’€™re rewarding you by turning everyone into a coupon. That’€™s right, they’€™re turning people: friends, family and anyone else, into coupons, redeemable opening week at the new IKEA Richmond store. Just bring you’€”and maybe some folks you know, and save. No clipping or cutting, you just need to show up.

Plus, if you’€™re one of the first 1000 people in line for the grand opening on April 25, you could be worth anything from a free tasty treat to a $250 gift card.

And it gets better.

Ever found $1000 on the street? Well, you could. Until April 24, IKEA will be releasing live coupons all over the Vancouver area. Some worth up to $1000. Follow @IKEACanada on Twitter to see where and when. Here’€™s the first hint to get you started: They’€™re people.

So start looking for those hidden coupons, log onto Facebook/IKEACanada and get ready for the new IKEA Richmond store opening April 25.

When: On April 25, everyone is a coupon!
IKEA Richmond
3320 Jacombs Rd
Richmond, British Columbia
V6V 1Z6


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