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Hallowe’en. Very scary. Yet another time of the year when mom’s to-do list gets more monstrous than usual and the goblins and gremlins of getting costumes, candy and decorations come out to haunt you. But fear not, because the family fun gurus from Canadian Family have some great tricks and treats for making Hallowe’en a little more fun for everyone.
Don’t Play That Costume Game
Sure, Halloween has become a veritable showdown of festive decorating, cooking and costuming one-upmanship. But that doesn’t mean your Hallow’s Eve prep should leave you feeling like the undead. To make it easier, Canadian Family’s come up with some great low-on-sewing/high-on-style DIY costumes—from a bag of popcorn to a forest fairy, there’s one for everyone. Click here for all the designs and the how-to guide. The Savvy Moms especially love the Li’l Chick costume for first time trick or treaters or younger siblings who want to join in on the fun.

If you’re not up for the glue gun, Canadian Family recommends a trip to a specialty sports store, where you’ll find countless items to transform your trick-or-treater. From a karate superstar to an angelic ballerina or a hockey player, it may even inspire a new hobby.

imageBoo! Fun for Grown-Ups Too!
Why not make Halloween a treat for the grown-ups, too, and invite your closest friends and neighbours to drop by? Not only will this give you a chance to reconnect, but you can tag-team the trick-or-treating so everyone can get a chance to chill and enjoy the festivities. Here are some tips to keep this impromptu party stress-free:

  • Keep the menu simple and make a pot of chili or stew the night before.
  • Stock the fridge with wine and beer the weekend before. When guests arrive, pile the goods on ice in a galvanized bucket for a no-hassle, self-serve bar.
  • For a fun dessert, give guests an eyeful with these creepy JELL-O shots. Click here for how to make this eye-catching treat.

Now that’s a howlin’ good (and stress-free) time!

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