Safari Sandwiches

Your little animals are going to love getting their teeth into these sandwiches.

Makes 12

You’ll Need

  • 12 slices of whole-wheat sandwich bread
  • 12 slices of white sandwich bread
  • Assorted fillings: almond butter and banana, ham and cheese, egg salad, peanut butter (or alternative nut butter) and jam
  • Jungle animal cookie cutters (elephant, giraffe, lion, tiger, monkey)

Prep and Cook

  • Stack four slices of bread on top of each other, and cut off the crusts using a serrated or electric knife. Repeat with the remaining pieces of bread.
  • Cover six slices of white bread and six slices of brown bread with the filling(s).
  • Using the cookie cutters, cut out a jungle animal shape from each of the remaining slices of bread.
  • Replace the shapes with the opposite type of bread cutout and put the tops and bottoms together. For example, the brown bread cutouts go into the white bread, and vice versa.
  • Wrap the sandwiches in plastic wrap until you are ready to serve them.


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