S’mores on a Stick

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It seems the food world is having a love affair with s’mores these days, and why shouldn’t they? They are the quintessential Canadian summer treat, and a perfect snack whether you’re sitting fireside or not. But they are not exactly a tidy treat to eat!

This year we made s’mores on a stick for my kid’s class. He wanted to make his favourite marshmallow treat for his friends, and I couldn’t quite figure out how to do so without a stove or flame in sight. So we made some marshmallows, dipped them in melted chocolate and covered them with crushed graham crackers. It worked brilliantly, and the kids devoured them.

What’s great about this treat is kids can do most of the work themselves. And they can get creative by deviating from the traditional milk chocolate and graham cracker combo by using other cookies (think Oreos or digestive biscuits), or toppings (Skor bits are a popular choice in our house) and a variety of chocolate (white, coloured, dark).

Toddlers can even get in on the fun by skewering the marshmallows onto bamboo sticks or pretzels, and passing them over to an older sibling who can then dip them in chocolate and roll in the toppings. And mom?  Why she’s the taste-tester, of course.

Recipe: S’mores on a Stick

You’ll Need

  • 20–30 Marshmallows (homemade or store-bought)
  • 1 package milk chocolate chips, melted
  • 1 cup graham cracker crumbs
  • Wooden skewers (or pretzels)

Prep and Cook

  • Skewer the marshmallows.
  • Dip the marshmallows into the melted chocolate and roll into graham cracker crumbs.
  • Stand the dipped marshmallows on a tray and repeat with the remaining ones.
  • Cool the tray in the fridge until the chocolate has set and hardened.


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