And the Winner Is


Tired of the plummeting stock market numbers of the past few weeks? We’ve got some more positive numbers to share which might provide some business inspiration for you.
There were 350 nominees this year for the second annual SavvyMom Mom Entrepreneur of the Year Award program. And what an incredible variety of businesses moms across Canada have started.

An even more incredible 30,000 votes were cast in support of these mom-run businesses. That’s a lot of people out there cheering our innovative moms on.

And thanks to the generous support of our sponsors T-Fal, Canon and Johnstone LLP, the national winner gets $17,000 in cash and other prizes to be used to take her business to the next level. Now that’s an exciting number.

So without further ado (drumroll please)…

The winner of the 2008 SavvyMom Mom Entrepreneur of the Year award is Martha Scully, founder and CEO of, founder and CEO of and, online childcare directories for parents and caregivers. As a new mom, Martha struggled to find suitable babysitters (sound familiar?)…and since necessity is the mother of invention, she was inspired to create a better way for families and caregivers to come together. Look out for the January 2009 edition of Today’s Parent magazine which will feature Martha and her story and for her blog on where she’ll be chronicling the ups and downs of being a mom entrepreneur. And if you need a sitter, nanny or other caregiver, surf on over to Thousands of Canadian moms rely on it (and it looks like lots of them cast their vote for Martha).


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