Heart-y Crackers and Dip for Valentine’s Day


I love Valentine’s Day snacks as well as everything heart shaped for Valentine’s Day. And while we love everything sweet and chocolate, sometimes something savoury (with a bit less sugar) is also appreciated for special occasion meals. These heart shaped snacks are perfect to send to school (if allowed) or as a sweet afterschool snack on that lovey dovey day.

As someone who often sent edible Valentines in with the kids for their school card exchange, I made these  simple crackers from whole grain pitas and wraps, cut into heart shapes, brushed with olive oil, topped with a spice or two (oregano, sage, etc.) and baked until crispy. Served with a paprika-topped tzatziki or hummus for a little seasonal colour, and the kids are almost always as excited about eating these as they are a plate of heart-shaped cookies.

What is your favourite Valentines Day treat for the classroom?


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