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We all know where to get the best mom advice (and it’s not from Dr. Spock). It’s from our fellow moms, of course (and we try to deliver on that mission every day here at SavvyMom). So, today as a little respite from the ever-present holiday stuff (is it just us or are our kids the only ones a little over-excited by the prospect of presents?), we gathered up some fun yet practical advice from some of our friends and people we admire just for you, advice that’s sure to be useful to every mom:
On Surviving the Winter
Once November comes take my advice and head out to your nearest discount store and buy a huge bag of mittens, gloves, and scarves, and then label them. Then make a date once a month in your daytimer for December, January, and February to go to the school lost and found and fish them all out again. And remember, matching mitts and colour co-ordinated hats and scarves are optional.
From Kathy Buckworth, author of Journey to the Darkside: Super Mom Goes Home

On Surviving Hockey Season
Never learn to put on the kid’s hockey equipment. As soon as you know how to do this, you’re eligible for the privilege of getting up at 6 am and driving to a hockey arena on the other side of town, or worse, an out-of-town tournament.
From a hockey mom who wishes to remain anonymous

On Surviving Birthday Parties
Never eat the icing on the cake at a preschooler’s birthday party. Where do you think all those little fingers have been?
From our Publisher, Sarah Morgenstern


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